Krave graffiti on a Jaguar Car Art Daniel Fila
raymond gems adrian and daniel krave fila doodle ink on paper
doodle krave art daniel fila fun ink drawing freestyle
doodle krave art daniel fila fun ink drawing freestyle

One Liners

Category: Paintings Medium: Acrylic and oil on wood Size: 36"x 48"

There is something special about freestyle. It started with an endless number of doodles on post it notes in my moms law office as a kid, to hours and hours of late night sessions stoned with my graffiti friends as a teenager. To me, technical work is no match to a more rogue mongol style drawn with precision. I enjoy focusing less on the subject, and embracing the flow. It is a way of letting letting what appears surprise me. This kind of work is best for live performance Art, or when the project demands a fast solution. 


Art on Wheels

Art Miami-Dade buses just got a little groovier. On Wednesday, the Department of Transportation and Public Works unveiled five buses fully wrapped in art pieces. The pieces were selected out of about 100 entries in a contest dubbed Transit Loves the Arts.
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